[Asadora] Mare (2015) 720p x265 HEVC Eng Sub


NHK's 92nd asadora drama series

  • Drama: Mare
  • Romaji: Mare
  • Japanese: まれ
  • Director: Kazutaka Watanabe, Masae Ichiki
  • Writer: Eriko Shinozaki
  • Network: NHK
  • Episodes: 156
  • Release Date: March 30 - September 26, 2015
  • Runtime: Mon-Sat 8:00-8:15
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan 
  • Music : Hiroyuki Sawano


Mare is an elementary school student. She lives with her family in the city, but, right before her father goes bankrupt, they run away and settle down at a fishing village in Noto.
The family rents a couple's home who run a salt pond. Mare's father starts a new business, but it also fails. Her mother supports the family by working at the salt pond.
8 years later, Mare, about to graduate from high school, decides to work for the Wajima local government. She wants to have a steady job, unlike her father. Her job is to support people who move to Noto. 


Mare-Tao Tsuchiya.jpg Mare-Yo Oizumi.jpg Mare-Takako Tokiwa.jpg Mare-Shono Hayama.jpg Mare-Min Tanaka.jpg
Tao Tsuchiya Yo Oizumi Takako Tokiwa Shono Hayama Min Tanaka
Mare Tsumura Tooru Tsumura Aiko Tsumura Ittetsu Tsumura Ganji Okesaku
Mare-Yuko Tanaka.jpg Mare-Eisuke Sasai.jpg Mare-Muga Tsukaji.jpg Mare-Guts Ishimatsu.jpg Mare-Sawa Suzuki.jpg
Yuko Tanaka Eisuke Sasai Muga Tsukaji Guts Ishimatsu Sawa Suzuki
Fumi Okesaku Koichi Kuramoto Makoto Teraoka Shinichiro Kado Haru Kuramoto
Mare-Eri Fuse.jpg Mare-Shoko Nakagawa.jpg Mare-Atsuo Nakamura.jpg Mare-Itsuji Itao.jpg Mare-Kento Yamazaki.jpg
Eri Fuse Shoko Nakagawa Atsuo Nakamura Itsuji Itao Kento Yamazaki
Kumi Teraoka Maki Obara Yataro Kontani Hiroyuki Kontani Keita Kontani
Mare-Fumika Shimizu.jpg Mare-Mugi Kadowaki.jpg Mare-Yuuta Takahata.jpg Mare-Daichi Watanabe.jpg Mare-Keiko Toda.jpg
Fumika Shimizu Mugi Kadowaki Yuuta Takahata Daichi Watanabe Keiko Toda
Ichiko Kuramoto Minori Teraoka Yoichiro Kado Takashi Futaki Majyohime (voice)

Additional Cast Members:

Video Format : MKV RAW 720p x265 HEVC

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Week 02 : Ep007 | Ep008 | Ep009 | Ep010 | Ep011 | Ep012
Week 03 : Ep013 | Ep014 | Ep015 | Ep016 | Ep017 | Ep018
Week 04 : Ep019 | Ep020 | Ep021 | Ep022 | Ep023 | Ep024
Week 05 : Ep025 | Ep026 | Ep027 | Ep028 | Ep029 | Ep030
Week 06 : Ep031 | Ep032 | Ep033 | Ep034 | Ep035 | Ep036
Week 07 : Ep037 | Ep038 | Ep039 | Ep040 | Ep041 | Ep042

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