Aimer (エメ) Biography


Basic information
Birth1991 January 1 (23 years)
Blood typeA type
Hometown日本の旗 Kumamoto Prefecture
In charge of instrumentVocals, guitar, piano
Active period2011 - Current

Aimer (エメ) (pronounced eme) is a Japanese recording artist signed to Sony Music Japan. Aimer was exposed to music from an early age.She played piano in elementary school and quickly picked up the guitar in junior high.Aimer also writes music in English and has a good command of the language from her experiences living abroad.

At the age of 15, because of an accident, suddenly can't sing, in the state can not even talk,aimer wouldn't give up on her music. However,a few years later, after specific experience reversal,she decided to give her voice to the world. in one time,"dry" voice like an adult, and "sweet" voice like a child,that voice a "DRY & SWEET" became subject secretly, planning to achieve the participation of a variety of guest vocalist. Her voice has been acclaimed filmmakers and artists and so on, from a variety of creators. Teamed up with the "agehasprings" collective creators of the topics that worked or produced provided music for various artists YUKI, Mika Nakashima, flumpool, Superfly, yuzu, and Genki Rockets, from 2011, resumed her musical career in earnest. In May of the same year, they released the concept album by indie "Your favorite things" was covered by the JAZZ arrange numerous popular regardless of country western music. #1 record cover of LADY GAGA "Poker Face" is a song first appeared in the lead album chart JAZZ iTunes Store. and the album reached #2.

While attention rapidly, on September 7, 2011, plays a major debut from DefSTAR RECORDS, was the debut song "starry nights(rokutousei no yoru)" is appointed to Fuji TV "NO.6" Ending Theme. Acclaimed in every direction "rokutousei no yoru" records the highest ranking #9 in Site "Rekochoku" music distribution, and elected to the heavy rotation of FM802 September, at the same time. The 2nd single on December 14,2011: to release "Re:pray/ Sabishikute Nemurenai Yoru wa", reached #1 in the download charts site "mora" music. The song 'Re: pray' was chosen as the ending theme for the anime 'BLEACH'. The single includes a cover of Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face'. The song was previously featured in Aimer's 'Your favorite things', a cover album that was released during her indie era.

She received rave reviews from the fans after performing the song during a live broadcast on USTREAM, which led her to include it in her new single. In addition, its artwork, won the silver medal at the music department of the competition "PX3" in Europe's largest photo. On February 22,2012, she released "Yuki no Furumachi / Fuyu no Diamond" concept single with the theme of "winter" all Track. While recording the audience of more than 100,000 total, much attention was paid to more and more, the Internet live, which are held on a regular basis,

May 11, 2012, Aimer released a digital single "Hoshikuzu Venus". ths single will be in charge of the theme song and background music for Sasaki Nozomi’s drama, “Koi nante Zeitaku ga Watashi ni Ochite kuru no darou ka?“. This drama aired in April 16,2012. On August 15th 2012, singer Aimer release her 4th single, “Anata ni Deawanakereba ~ Kasetsu Touka ~ / Hoshikuzu Venus“, which includes a cover of Neil Sedaka’s “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do“. First track of this single "Anata ni Deawanakereba ~ Natsu Yuki Fuyu Hana ~" is an ending song of Fuji TV's upcoming anime series 「Natsuyuki Rendezvous」.

 then 1 year from debut,  Aimer release her 1st album 「Sleepless Nights」 on october 3rd

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