Aya Ueto 1st Album "AYAUETO" [2003.03.12]


AYAUETO is the debut solo album by Japanese pop singer Aya Ueto. It was released on March 12, 2003 on Flight Master.

AYAUETO peaked at #4 on the Oricon Daily Albums Chart and debuted at #5 on the Weekly Albums Chart with 28,707 copies sold. The album charted for a total of thirteen weeks and sold over 54,000 copies.

Track listing: 

1. "Pureness"  

2. "Ambition"  

3. "Hello (Album Version)"  

4. "Puzzle"  

5. "Flower"  

6. "Pieces"  

7. "Lie"  

8. "Distance"  

9. "Where is Love?"  

10. "Kizuna"  

11. "True Love"  

12. "Dreamin'"  

13. "Hello (NeoVerse & DJ Who Nu Anime Club Mix)"  




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AYAUETO / Aya Ueto
Aya Ueto

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