[Drama SP] Tsumiki Kuzushi ~ Saishuushou~ (2012)


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 23 & 24 November 2012
Official Website: www.fujitv.co.jp/tsumiki

Azumi Nobuyuki (Nakamura Masatoshi) is in distress, blaming himself for causing his family’s misfortune after writing the book ‘Tsumiki Kuzushi’ which described the sudden acts of delinquency and subsequent rehabilitation of his daughter Akari (Narumi Riko). Mikiko (Takashima Reiko), who had been his wife, betrayed him and disappeared. After that, she committed suicide and left this world. Akari also suddenly passed away nine years ago. Azumi’s only remaining family is his present wife Shoko (Ishino Mako), but three years earlier she suffered a stroke and has been staying at a convalescent home. “Do my loved ones always become unhappy because of me?” “What did that family mean to me?” Azumi wonders as he looks at Akari’s belongings. Azumi met Mikiko 46 years ago. She was the mistress of a rich man in order to support her family. Azumi fell in love with Mikiko at first sight and rescued her from that unfortunate situation. They married in Tokyo. After their wedding, Azumi entrusted all his salary to her. Because it was the first time Mikiko had ever held money in her hands that she could use for herself, she gradually got carried away and ran up debt. The moneylender Kuronuma Yoshihisa (Hakamada Yoshihiko) maneuvered close to her and she slowly grew dependent on him. At one point, Mikiko found herself pregnant. However, Azumi did not know that she was carrying Kuronuma’s child. Although she attempted to abort the baby, she could not do so. In the end, she gave birth to Akari. When Akari was 13, an incident led her to sink deeper and deeper into delinquency. Azumi and Mikiko took the advice of the Metropolitan Police Department’s youth adviser (Kamikawa Takaya), and set their daughter on the path to rehabilitation. Just when Akari seemed to be picking herself up again, Azumi’s book ‘Tsumiki Kuzushi ~ Oya to Ko no 200-hi Sensou’, which used all their real names was published. The response to the book was tremendous, and Akari, who was unable to tolerate it, drifted back into delinquency. This time, she became involved in stimulants and was sent to juvenile detention. Then, Mikiko took all the royalties from the book and disappeared with Kuronuma. Left behind saddled with debt, Azumi remarried Shoko. After that, Akari returned to the Azumi family and started to live a peaceful life with Azumi and Shoko, but her kidney function was weakening and she could only live if she received a transplant. At that moment, Mikiko offered to be her daughter’s donor. Seeing that her organ had been transplanted successfully, Mikiko committed suicide. Akari subsequently went after her mother and also suddenly died. The thought of what would have become of the family if he had not written the book, settles heavily on Azumi. At that moment, he discovers Mikiko’s suicide note among Akari’s belongings. Her reasons for her betrayal and departure as well as fixation with money are all written in it. And the unexpectedly shocking sentence “Maybe Akari is not my own daughter.” Seeking Mikiko’s unknown childhood and the truth, Azumi visits her hometown of Oita … …- jdramas.wordpress.com. -

Nakamura Masatoshi, Narumi Riko, Ishino Mako, Hakamada Yoshihiko, Yokoyama Megumi, Kamikawa Takaya (guest star), Shiba Toru, Takashima Reiko

Format : MP4 - 480mb/episode
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Episode1 : Part1 | Part2
Episode2 : Part1 | Part2 

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