Aimer 7th single 「broKen NIGHT/holLow wORlD」 (2014.12.17)


Aimer 7th single 「broKen NIGHT/holLow wORlD」
2014/12/17 Release
Catalogue No.:DFCL 2100-2102


1. broKen NIGHT * Lyric
2. holLow wORlD * Lyric
3. Open The Doors * Lyric
4. my sweetest one * Lyric
5. broKen NIGHT(Fate/hollow ataraxia edit)
6. holLow wORlD(Fate/hollow ataraxia edit)
7. Open The Doors(Fate/hollow ataraxia edit)
8. broKen NIGHT(instrumental)

<Tie-up information>
「broKen NIGHT」…PS Vita『Fate/hollow ataraxia』 OP Theme
「holLow wORlD」…PS Vita『Fate/hollow ataraxia』 insert song
「Open The Doors」…PS Vita『Fate/hollow ataraxia』 ED Theme
「my sweetest one」…A.T.brides すぐ婚navi TV-CM


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