Aimer to sing the theme song of Anne Watanabe's new drama


It has been decided, Aimer will be responsible for the theme song of Asahi TV Drama Special 『クロハ~機捜の女性捜査官』 (Kuroha~Kisou no Josei Sousakan).

This drama is adapted from Yuki Takashiko's mystery novel "Pra Baroque". The lead role of this detective drama will be played by popular actress, Anne Watanabe. Aimer has provided a new song 「君を待つ」 (Kimi wo Matsu) for the theme song. "Kimi wo Matsu" is Emotional ballad song and will be delivered as digital single on popular sites such as iTunes, Mora, and Rekochoku.

"Kuroha~Kisou no Josei Sousakan" Teaser

Kimi wo Matsu (Short Preview)


Aimer New Digital Single 「君を待つ」 (Kimi wo Matsu)
2015.02.22 Release 

Tie Up :
Asahi TV Drama SP 『クロハ~機捜の女性捜査官』 Theme Song
Starring : Anne Watanabe
Broadcast Date : 2015.02.22 * 21.00~ JST


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