[Movie] Otona Drop (2014)


  • Movie: Adult Drop (literal title)
  • Romaji: Otona Doroppu
  • Japanese: 大人ドロップ
  • Director: Ken Iizuka
  • Writer: Naoya Higuchi (novel), Ken Iizuka
  • Producer: Asako Nishikawa, Yuichi Shibahara
  • Cinematographer: Daisuke Soma
  • Release Date: April 4, 2014
  • Runtime: 119 min.
  • Genre: Teen
  • Distributor: Toho
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Hajime (Tomoya Maeno) asks his friend Yoshi (Sosuke Ikematsu) to set him up with his classmate Ann (Ai Hashimoto). Yoshi tries to do this for Hajime, but this just upsets Ann. Yoshi's relationship with Ann is now awkward. Yoshi doesn't know exactly why, but Ann becomes absent from school frequently. One day, during their summer vacation, Yoshi hears that Ann has dropped out of school.


  1. Based on the novel "Otona Doroppu" by Naoya Higuchi (published March 10, 2007 by Shogakukan). 


Adult Drop (Otona Drop)-Sosuke Ikematsu.jpg Adult Drop (Otona Drop)-Ai Hashimoto.jpg Adult Drop (Otona Drop)-Ryoko Kobayashi.jpg Adult Drop (Otona Drop)-Tomoya Maeno.jpg
Sosuke Ikematsu Ai Hashimoto Ryoko Kobayashi Tomoya Maeno
Yoshi‎ Asai Ann Irie Haru Hajime
Additional Cast Members:
Subtitle: None at the moment

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