[J-Drama] Koi Nante Zeitaku ga Watashi ni Ochite Kuru no Darou ka? (2012)


  • Title: 恋なんて贅沢が私に落ちてくるのだろうか?
  • Title (romaji): Koi Nante Zeitaku ga Watashi ni Ochite Kuru no Darou ka?
  • Official Site : http://www.1924.jp/koiochi/
  • Format: Renzoku 
  • Genre : Comedy, Romance
  • Episodes:
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV Two
  • Broadcast period: Mar 16th, 2012 -
  • Air time: Friday 23:00 - 00:00
  • Theme songs: "Hoshikuzu Venus" by Aimer & "Diamond Days" by Sasaki Nozomi
  • Insert Song :  "Breaking Is Hard To Do" by Aimer, "LOVE" by Aimer, "Baby Love" by Aimer, "Calendar Girl" by Aimer,


Sasaki Nozomi as Takaraike Aoko
Koizumi Koutaro
Reika Hashimoto
Yumi Takigawa


It's based on an award-winning love story by Nakai Maasa (Stardust Venus). About the love story of Takaraike Aoko (?) a woman in her mid-twenties who - despite giving her best - just keeps failing both in love and work. There's just always some misfortune getting in her way.
She's straightforward but a bit sloppy, sometimes mumbling and grumbling to herself and loves her sake and the story will be humorous but touching...
The plot centers around a hardworking and earnest 25 year old woman, who does her honest best with both work and romance, but finds herself a failure with the latter and unpopular with men. For Sasaki, it is the first time she has performed a role of this nature. "For almost every scene in the entire series, I wear no makeup," she revealed. Regarding her character she added, "I think she is someone many girls can sympathize with. She has numerous faults but is a humane and charming girl with her very straight and honest personality. There are many crying scenes so that part is tough, but I know a lot of people who are similar to her so I'm able to use them as reference for performing the role. [laughs] I'd like people to notice her spiritual change and growth during the five year span she is portrayed in the drama."

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