[Album] 元気ロケッツ(GENKI ROCKETS) - Genki Rockets II -No border between us- Repackage (2012.08.08)


Genki Rockets II -No border between us- Repackage
Release date : 2012.08.08

Track List:
01. Crystal fall
02. Revive
03. Touch me (kz Mix)
04. make.believe (八王子P Mix)
05. Hikari no tabi (sasakure.UK Broken Wonder Mix)
06. Dreaming across stars (Bossa Rosa Mix)
07. Flow(Child of Eden Mix)
08. Star Surfer (3-Dimentionally Mix)
09. Heavenly Star (3-Dimentionally Mix)
10. Star Line (GRHN Mix)
11. Breeze (SYKZ Mix)
12. Maker(Child of Eden Mix)
13. Reaching for the stars ”alto - shuri Mix” 〜KMSK groove〜
14. Curiosity ”That’s REMIX” 〜SKN vibes〜
15. Wonderland (Tumultuous Mix)
16. Good night (Revival Rhythm Mix) 

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  1. I can't download part 2

  2. if you got error notification when Download on MF, just try this service http://tools.tuxgeek.ir/index.php/tuxfire