[Drama SP] Kuruma isu de Boku wa Sora wo Tobu (2012)


Title: 車イスで僕は空を飛ぶ
Title (romaji): Kuruma isu de boku wa sora wo tobu 

Official Website: www.ntv.co.jp/24h/contents/drama2012
Broadcast network: Nihon TV
Broadcast Date: 25 August 2012
Air time: 21:00 

The down-and-out hooligan Hasebe Yasuyuki (Ninomiya Kazunari) suffers a spinal injury in a fall and is forced to live in a wheelchair. A depressed Yasuyuki meets the young Ishii Daisuke (Suzuki Fuku), retail store sales clerk Kato Kumi (Ueto Aya), a fellow youth (Ikematsu Sosuke) with a similar spine injury, the counsellor Minami (Iseya Yusuke) and others, and gradually opens up. Through his encounters with them, Yasuyuki starts to come to grips with his rehabilitation. However, Daisuke has little time left to live. Furthermore, Kumi suddenly disappears from the hospital. She actually has a sad past. Yasuyuki is soon discharged from hospital and begins living with his mother Haruko (Yakushimaru Hiroko). However, Haruko collapses from overwork. Disgusted by his mere existence which is a nuisance in itself, Yasuyuki decides to commit suicide. How will Yasuyuki be able to create a life for himself and see a future (

Ninomiya Kazunari, Ueto Aya, Iseya Yusuke, Suzuki Fuku, Yasuda Ken, Ikematsu Sosuke, Yakushimaru Hiroko, Mitsuishi Ken, Takahashi Tsutomu, Kanazawa Miho 

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