Aimer to release a Cover Album 「Bitter & Sweet」 on December 12, 2012


「Bitter & Sweet」 Cover Art

It's been revealed, on december 12, a very talented singer from Japan, Aimer (エメ) will be releasing a new cover album with title 「Bitter & Sweet」. 「Bitter & Sweet」will contain a total 16 songs, 10 songs from her indie concept album "Your favorite things" , 4 songs which became OST Fuji TV drama "Koi Nante Zeitaku ga Watashi ni Ochite Kuru no darou ka?", and 2 new cover songs which included Yumi Matsutoya Cover.

Bitter and sweet, Cold and warm, Painful and tender,  WET in DRY will be concept of this cover album. Each track has different expressions. Feel the richness of expressive power in  Aimer's voice.

Here is the complete tracklist:

Title : 「Bitter & Sweet」
Release date : 2012.12.12
DFCL-1960 / ¥2,800
*First Press Edition include
clear tray and application card (valid only in Japan) 

Tracklist :

1. リフレインが叫んでる ( Yumi Matsutoya Cover)
2. L-O-V-E ( Nat King Cole Cover)
3. Poker Face (lady Gaga Cover) 
4. 三日月(Ayaka Cover)     
5. Viva La Vida (Coldplay Cover)    
6. また君に恋してる (Billy Ban Ban Cover)
7. 強く儚い者たち ( Cocco Cover)
8. Calendar Girl ( Neil Sedaka Cover)
9. 今宵の月のように (Elephant Kashimashi Cover) 
10. Baby Love (The Supremes Cover)
11. Crazy In Love (Beyonce Cover)    
12. Precious (Yuna Ito Cover) 
13. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do ( Neil Sedaka Cover)
14. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU (Whitney Houston Cover)
15. CHANGE THE WORLD (Eric Clapton Cover)
16. ORION  (Mika Nakashima Cover) 

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Aimer's message about "Bitter & Sweet"

translated by Damia@IDWS

dear everyone,
Thank you very much for always look over me warmly
the message and letter i receive
i treasured each one, i receive it close to my heart

....??.... for you
this time, me, Aimer
release a cover Album,
'Bitter and Sweet'
learn a new work, and can make publication
i'm so happy
thanks to your supports,
really thank you very much
the songs compilation, whatever that song
there are works my favorite artist done
i wish from my heart. it can reach yours.

because i am in the middle of making new song
i would be glad if you could wait for it too..

take care your health, spend your everyday...


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