Aya Ueto on 9th Position at Oricon ranks female celebrities with ideal lips


Oricon recently conducted a poll asking 500 women from their teens to their 40’s, “Which female celebrity possesses ideal lips?”

First place for the “4th Beautiful Lips Ranking” went to actress Ishihara Satomi, who is known for her adorable, plump lips.

Check out the full results below and let us know who you would’ve voted for!
01. Ishihara Satomi
02. Takei Emi
03. Igawa Haruka
04. Ayase Haruka
05. Kitagawa Keiko
06. Angelina Jolie
07. Kojima Haruna
08. Kanno Miho
09. Ueto Aya
10. Itano Tomomi

Source : Oricon

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