Ueto Aya and Gouriki Ayame attend CM presentation event for ‘AOKI’

On February 9th, actresses Ueto Aya and Gouriki Ayame attended a CM presentation event for suit retailer, ‘AOKI‘.

Upon seeing Gouriki, Ueto commented, “She’s really cute. I went through that period myself. I’m often told that I look like Gouriki-chan. I think so too. It’s like I’m watching myself from the past.
In response, Gouriki exclaimed, “Having my ‘dai-senpai’ tell me things like that… Thank you very much!

The new CM is set to encourage people who are entering a new school or company this spring. Gouriki was chosen as the brand’s new CM character, alongside Ueto, who has long endorsed the brand for 9 years.
In the ‘Admission Day’ version, a husband and wife see their son in a suit and realize how much he has grown. As they are headed to the college entrance ceremony, Ueto appears in front of a sakura tree and calls out, “Congratulations on your suit debut!

Meanwhile, in the ‘Spring Will Come’ version, Gouriki wears a suit for the first time the day before her entrance to college.

Regarding the CM, Ueto commented, “When I realized, it’s been 9 years. I’m very happy that they’ve continued to use me among the many radiant women out there.” She smiled as she said, “I’ve started to notice the way men wear suits and tie their ties. When I see men wearing suits stylishly, I think they’re attractive.

Finally, Ueto sent out a message to saying, “You may make many mistakes and feel uneasy doing something new, but I want you to become cool adults while experiencing many things while you’re young. I think suits will start to form into your body shape, so I want you to walk tall.

Remioromen’s “3gatsu 9ka” has been chosen as the CM song again this year.

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Source & Image: Mantan Web & Tokyohive

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